Our Roof Netting is ideal for use above MUGA's (Multi Use Games Areas), at the top of sports courts/halls and above playing fields/pitches. The netting is of the highest quality and we offer two different mesh sizes: 50mm and 100mm.

What Type Of Roof Netting Do I Need?

50mm Roof Netting

The 50mm Roof Netting is used in games where the ball is larger than 50mm in size, but smaller than 100mm. Sports include Cricket, Tennis, Racquetball, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Baseball, Croquet and Softball.

120mm Roof Netting

The 120mm mesh Roof Netting is used where the size of the ball exceeds 100mm. This is most popular in Football, Basketball and Rugby, but can also be used with Handball, Volleyball, Water Polo and Netball.

Roof Netting

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