What Type Of Netting Do You Need?.

Economy/Lightweight Golf Netting

The Economy Golf Netting is the weakest of our Golf Nets. This is recommended for stopping Golf balls leaving a particular area, but not for persistent impact.

Standard Golf Netting

The next step up is the Standard Golf Netting. This is also recommended for use as perimeter/surround netting, however this should be used where Golf balls are more likely to strike against it than Economy Netting. 

Heavy Duty Golf Netting

Heavy Duty Golf Netting is generally used where net longevity and strength is required. Ideal solutions include driving ranges and around Golf courses.

High Impact Golf Netting

Our High Impact Golf Netting is the strongest mesh net that we offer. This is suitable for use in Golf Practice Cages. We do recommend it is always used with baffle netting hung in front of it to help protect the high impact golf netting. 

Baffle Netting (Archery Grade)

Our baffle nets are designed to withstand direct impact from golf balls at close range, and can be used in conjunction with high impact golf netting or on its own.

Our baffle nets come with slightly extra material allowed for in the length (width), this is so the net can be hung like a curtain to absorb the impact of the ball.  If nets are hung taught the ball will rebound back which could cause injury.  Please ensure height and length measurements are entered correctly as the extra material will be on the length (width), making it slightly longer than the size you have ordered.  Please bear this in mind when receiving your net, that it will be slightly longer (width) than the size you require although you will have only paid for the size ordered.

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