Top tips for your next driving range session

Here at Sport Netting, we supply quality driving range nets for customers around the country. Driving ranges are great for improving your overall game, but only if you maximise your sessions. Here are three tips that are definitely worth trying.

Warm up first

You may not have the power of Rory McIlroy, but the golf swing is still a pretty explosive action that puts a strain on back, leg, arm, and core muscles. So instead of simply teeing up balls and having a go at them, do five minutes of gentle stretching exercises first and always begin your session by hitting a few wedges or a 9-iron before pulling out the driver. Being warmed up reduces the risk of pulling a muscle and enables a more fluid action.

It’s not just about the driver

You’re unlikely to use the driver from the tee more than 14 to 16 times in a typical round. Yes, it’s an important club and for many the hardest one to hit consistently well thanks to the longer shaft and weight, but it shouldn’t dominate your sessions at the range. On the course, the driver may be the first club out of the bag on par-4 and par-5 holes, but it’s better to do things in reverse order on the range and start with the short irons. Build up your confidence with some pitching practice, then move through the irons in the bag, leaving the final 20% of balls for the driver. By now, you can make a seamless transition to the big wand!

Hit more short than long

This follows on from the last point. The short game accounts for the majority of shots you’ll play out on the course and a good short game is crucial to making par or limiting the damage over 18 holes. Time spent practising with your wedges and 8 and 9-irons at the driving range will bring a level of sharpness to your game and will be reflected on your card at the end of the round!

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  • Anne Neale