Three ways to improve your golf this winter

It’s possible to play golf all year round now, but if a sunshine break in Spain or Florida is not an option, and even if it is, there are ways you can work on improving your game in the off-season, or when away from the course. 

1. Get in better shape

Tiger Woods was one of the first pro golfers to make working-out part of his regime and not just to develop bigger muscles to hit the ball further off the tee. Being physically stronger can help your all-round game because you’ll feel more confident and have more stamina. Your energy levels will be higher for longer as well, which helps you to concentrate. Be sure to add some aerobic exercises to your workout, such as running, cycling and swimming, as well as some gentle stretching. Being fitter and more supple is a sure way to reduce your handicap!

2. The inner game

As anyone who plays golf knows, the inner game is every bit as important as the physical side and winter can be a great time to read some books and reflect on this important aspect. There is no shortage of books on the subject and you’re bound to pick up some tips or mental exercises you can try to help you play better and enjoy golf more in the new season.

3. Pitch-perfect

During the winter lay-off, the short game is often the first part of your golf to suffer. Basically, you lose your touch through lack of practice. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Practicing chipping into a golf pitching net in your garden will help to keep your short game sharp and as little as 15 minutes’ practice a day with a wedge can do wonders for your overall game. Here at Sport Netting, we’ve a selection of chipping nets and golf practice nets that are perfect for use at home.

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  • Anne Neale