Getting the most from cricket net practice

As suppliers of cricket nets including roof netting to clubs up and down the country, we know how important good nets are for team practice sessions. That said, if all you do is use net practice the same way every time, your sessions can quickly become stale. Here are some tips to liven up time spent in the nets.

Bowlers only 

Accuracy and consistently hitting the right line and length are key attributes for any bowler, whether you’re a genuine quickie, medium-pacer or spin bowler. Being able to target a specific area with the ball requires practice, however, so rather than bowl at a batsman in the nets, set up a target to bowl at (just outside off-stump, short of a length etc.) and keep it realistic by bowling six ball overs.

Batsmen only

Most batsmen have strengths and weaknesses and while hitting cover drives is satisfactory, if you’re struggling with short-pitched deliveries, missing out on leg-side balls, or getting out lbw a lot, you need to work on your batting technique, which includes footwork. Instead of facing a bowler in the nets, get someone to sidearm the ball at you or use throw-downs to target a specific area. The idea is to practise a specific type of shot over and over.

Make it count

Too often net sessions are predictable but you can add some intensity to net sessions by splitting up into teams and setting up a scoring system. A straight drive counts as 4 runs, a cover drive or cut scores 2 runs, and a defensive stroke scores 1 run, for instance. You can also make batsmen bat in pairs to keep it more realistic. This type of drill is best if kept short, such as limited to six overs per side, and try to make sure everyone gets a bat.

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  • Anne Neale