Four things you must have if starting an amateur football team

The vast majority of young boys dream about becoming a professional footballer. Now you are a little bit older, you may have finally come to conclusion that you won’t one day be playing in the Premier League. Fear not, though - you can always become a minor soccer sensation by setting up an amateur football team in your local area. It won’t actually take much time, effort or money either. Instead, you’ll just need to acquire the following four things to get started. 

1. Balls

A FIFA approved ball is your best bet. These aren’t just of a high quality, they are also now quite affordable. You’ll probably also want a training ball or two to use in between match days. As well, it’s advisable that you invest in a pump to keep the balls well-inflated at all times.

2. Goal posts and nets

Jumpers for goalposts may have done the job during your school days, but if you're setting up your own team you'll need your own goal posts and nets - after all, there's nothing better than seeing the ball hit the back of the onion bag!

3. Line marking

A line marking machine will help avoid arguments concerning whether the ball was in play or not. It will also add a professional feel to the game, which in turn should hopefully improve the performance of you and your fellow teammates.

4. Bibs

Colourful bibs uphold order in training sessions. They also tell passers-by that this isn’t just a friendly kick-around between friends and instead is a legitimate training session that shouldn’t be disturbed. 

Pitch perfect!

You can buy all these necessities (and much more) at Sport Netting. You will score some great deals along the way – and hopefully this will show when your amateur football team is finally up and running.

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  • Anne Neale