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It's a Friday morning (good!) and it's pouring down with rain outside (not so good!). What else would I rather do than tell all you wonderful customers about our Football Training Equipment and how you can get free delivery? I can think of a few things but I am going to do this anyway! Read on...

Our Football Training Equipment

Just in case you haven't noticed yet, we are now offering a vast range of training equipment, specifically aimed at both professional and amatuer football clubs. Our range includes Bibs, Cones, Footballs, Training Goals, Hurdles, Ladders, Mannequins, Passing Arcs, Slalom Poles and Head Tennis Sets. This coaching equipment is of the highest quality - most of it being manufactured here in the UK by Diamond Football Company. 

Free Delivery On Our Coaching Equipment

We would like to offer the chance for new customers to get free delivery on your first order with Sportnetting, sound fair enough? 

If you would like to make the most of this offer, simply fill out the below form and you will receive an email immediately with a discount code, giving you free delivery:

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  • Danny Barnes