What type of netting do I need for bird control?


We often get request for bird control netting, and although we don't actually offer this as a product itself, we recommend certain types of netting to be used for different requirements. 

Why use bird control netting?

Bird control netting is used extensively to protect buildings and agricultural crops from birds. It is seen in towns & cities all over the world to stop pigeons entering buildings through open windows. It is also used by farmers to protect their valuable crops.

Bird control for Pigeons

Pigeons can be a nightmare in big cities with lots of tall buildings. For protection against pigeons we recommend the following:

Premium Cricket Netting - 50mm mesh - 2mm twine (breaking force 70KG)

Bird control for Seagulls

Due to the large size of Seagulls, a larger net is required to stop them entering your premises. For protection against Seagulls we recommend the following:

Heavy Duty Football Netting - 100mm mesh - 3mm twine (breaking force 150KG)

Bird control for Starlings

As Starlings are much smaller than Seagulls and Pigeons, a much smaller mesh net is required. For protection against starlings we recommend:

Standard Golf Netting - 28mm mesh - 1.1mm twine (breaking force 25KG)

Please Note

We offer no guarantee on our products when used for bird netting. If you are using for protection against birds, please use the recommended net for the best results. For example: eventhough the 'startling netting' is small enough to protect against pigeons and seagulls, the breaking force is much weaker. This means that it is more likely to be broken down if a seagull were to attack the netting. If you are trying to offer protection against all 3 birds, we recommend using all 3 types of netting, and layering them in front of eachother. 

If you have any questions about bird control netting please get in touch

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  • Danny Barnes