4 benefits of starting an office football team

There are many people who appreciate a good kick around – and you’ll surely be able to find a fair few in your place of work. However, there are several reasons to suggest an office football team other than just a love of the beautiful game. Instead, you’ll find that there are many benefits to putting together a soccer squad made up of yourself and your colleagues. Here are just four to think about.

1. Teamwork
The teamwork skills you all pick up on the pitch can be transferred to the office. You should find that everyone quickly becomes better at communicating, hitting targets and reaching long-term goals once they’ve played a few games together.

2. Relationships
One of the reasons why people enjoy playing football is that it gives them a chance to hang out with their friends. While right now everyone in the office might not be friends per se, soccer can help them to foster better relationships that could make the working day a little more relaxed.

3. Exercise
You may wonder why you should care if your colleagues exercise or not. Just so you know though, you probably should. Exercise releases endorphins that make people feel happy. It also helps boost their immune system, which should mean they’re healthier and less likely to call in sick.

4. Simplicity
You may think that the easy part is putting together a team. However, it’s actually very simple to get all the equipment you need as well. You can buy supplies – including balls, bibs, netting and cones – for an affordable price.

You know you want to!

You probably won’t need anyone to twist your arm when it comes to starting an office football team. After all, it should take very little effort on your behalf, yet you’ll still receive all the credit. For more information on purchasing the aforementioned equipment, visit our website.

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