What type of netting do I need to stop Footballs?


Football netting is one of our most popular products, and one of the questions we get asked alot is what kind of netting is used to stop footballs. 

We currently offer two types of football netting, premium & heavy duty. 

Premium is popular for containment within a certain area, e.g. in a sports hall, football court, MUGA etc. It is not designed to withstand constant impact from footballs. 

Premium can be purchased online by clicking here. You can order bespoke sizes, priced at £1.05/sqm.

Heavy Duty is used when the net requires constant impact from footballs, e.g. behind football goal nets, or behind a goal in your back garden. 

You can purchase Heavy Duty here. Bespoke orders are available online, priced at £1.60/sqm.

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  • Danny Barnes